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April 1999

Robert Porter

Honorable Robert Porter, of Philadelphia, who died suddenly in this place, 6/28/1842, 75 years of age, Lieutenant in Revolutionary War, President Judge of 3rd District 20 year.


 According to the "History of Jefferson County, PA", by Kate M. Scott, published in 1888, Judge Porter stopped at the Red Lion Inn one evening, while traveling west.  He asked for a room and to be called in the morning in time for the stage.  After repeated calls in the morning, the manager went to his room, found the door unlocked, but unable to be opened.  On forcing the door, Judge Porter was found to be dressed and ready to catch the morning stage.  He had then died of a possible heart attack, and was lying dead against the door.  At the request of the family, he was buried in the Pickering Street Cemetery.  His stone is missing the dove that was once part of the top section.

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