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Thomas Kimball Litch

Thomas Kimball Litch, born Fitchburg, Massachusetts on December 22, 1808, was the son of Thomas Litch and Hannah Kimball, the family being of Scotch-Irish descent.  He learned the machinist trade as an apprentice and became the senior member of the firm of T. K. Litch & Co., of Pittsburgh.  Their business was the manufacturing of steam engines, which were used to power the steamboats that traveled from Pittsburgh to New Orleans.  He also built the first steamboat to be launched on Lake Chautauqua, in New York State.  In 1834, he married Margaret Black, of Pittsburgh, who died in 1842. 

His second wife, Rebecca M. Eaton, whom he married February 17, 1848, became the mother of his four children, Thomas W. Litch, Harry C. Litch, Edward A. Litch and Annie Litch who married S. S. Henderson.  In 1850, he moved to Brookville, erecting sawmills and a gristmill that provided local employment to the area.  In 1854, he organized the Redbank Navigation Company that provided transportation of lumber to a larger market.  All of the children later resided in Brookville, his sons continuing the family business in later years.  Thomas K. Litch died August 14. 1882 and his burial place is marked by an impressive monument.


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